2 Foods That Could Make You Allergic

2 Foods That Could Make You Allergic - The number of people suffering from allergic reactions is increasing every year. More people are suffering from severe allergic conditions such as asthma, hay fever and eczema. Many more people also suffer from less severe conditions such as a runny nose and skin rashes. There is no clear proof that these conditions are caused by one single factor. It is more likely caused by a combination of various factors that include our lifestyle, the environment and the diet we eat. 2 Foods That Could Make You Allergic There is growing evidence however, that links certain foods with increasing your risk to allergic reactions. The most common 2 food types are as follows:

Diary Products:

Cows milk in particular has been linked as the most common food that can cause allergic reactions in people. Cows milk is contained in a huge range of foods that include, butter, cheese, bread, cream and yoghurt. Cows milk is also used as an added ingredient in many processed foods. The main reason why milk is considered to have a high allergic reaction is because the proteins in the milk are very difficult for the body to digest. If you have an allergic reaction to cows milk, try and eliminate all cows milk from your diet for a month and see if it makes any difference to your condition. It is considered that goat's milk is easier for the body to digest. You can also try milk substitutes such as rice or soya milk.


This food substance is also found in a huge range of different foods and drinks. When people think of yeast they think of it being used in bread to make it rise. But there are forms of yeast that are also used in the production of beer which is better known as brewers yeast. Yeast can also be used in the production of wine but to a lesser extent.
People who have an intolerance to yeast usually have an adverse reaction when they drink alcohol especially, beer. If you have drunk beer and felt unwell you may have intolerance to brewers yeast. This does not mean you have to give up alcohol as not all alcohol uses brewers yeast. For example, vodka and champagne have less yeast in them.
Bread of course uses yeast and many people can become allergic by eating bread. However, bread also contains another allergic ingredient which is wheat. This could also be the culprit. To test if you are allergic to either yeast or wheat eat some bread and monitor your reaction. Then later on eat some pasta. If you feel bloated and tired after eating the bread but there was no reaction after eating the pasta this is a good indication that you maybe allergic to yeast

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