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Have you ever wondered what Hoodia is all about?

Let's explore a few things about Hoodia.Hoodia Gordonii (or Hoodia Gordoni as it's sometimes referred to) comes from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. It's also sometimes referred to as the hoodia cactus plant. It grows in the South African Kalahari desert.

It's been used for, literally, for hundreds of years as an appetite suppressant by the San tribe of South Africa.It was eaten by the San tribe during famine to avoid excessive thirst and hunger. They would also eat it on journeys where there would be very little food available to avoid becoming too hungry or thirsty.

It has since been discovered that hoodia pills work by the presence of the P57 molecule. The P57 molecule 'tricks' the brain into thinking you're full. With a natural feeling of fullness, your desire to eat is lessened, and your daily caloric intake is reduced.

A few reasons why the hoodia pill should be considered in a weight loss program:

- For those who eat from an emotional need, Hoodia Gordonii is a great answerWhen taking Hoodia, because of the feeling of fullness it provides, most people say they do not have a desire for food. Some have even reported they don't think about food or eating.

For these people, weight gain can be more from eating because of boredom, or even emotional needs, instead of actually being hungry. If you feel full and satisfied, it's easier to both make healthier food choices, and eat less.This will certainly contribute to overall vitality and health.

- The higher quality hoodia pills contain natural ingredients. Actually, the highest qualify pills contain pure hoodia, without any binders, fillers, caffeine, or chemicals.Why take caffeine and chemical laden diet pills to lose weight? These are probably causing harmful effects to your body. A great benefit of Hoodia Gordonii is that it's natural and safe.

- With the Hoodia pill, you lose weight without being hungry, and without any feeling of being deprived.A study of obese patients in Great Britain, where half the volunteers were given hoodia pills, and the other half were given a placebo.

The only activities the volunteers were allowed were to eat, watch television, and read.After two weeks, those taking the hoodia pills had a reduced caloric intake of 1,000 calories daily. These individuals lost weight, even though there was ample food available, without being hungry, or feeling deprived.

It has been reported that people have lost up to four pounds in a week, eighty four pounds in five months, even 100 pounds in six months, taking pure Hoodia Gordonii.

If you'd like to lose weight, without dieting, Hoodia pills can help you. Because Hoodia is not a manufactured chemical, but rather a natural cactus plant, there's little likelihood of side effects.

Interestingly, Hoodia is classified as a food, not a drug, by the government of South Africa!

Studies of Hoodia by scientists for about the last decade have not discovered any negative side effects. Considering that the San Bushmen have been eating Hoodia for hundreds of years, without ill effects, then it's easy to see why Hoodia is a preferred alternative to chemical and caffeine laden diet pills.

These benefits certainly point out why Hoodia is superior to manufactured diet pills, but there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Be aware that there are inferior brands of Hoodia being sold. Why? It requires two to five years for the hoodia plant to mature. It is also a protected species. Because of this, the demand for hoodia is outstripping the supply. This has led some manufacturers to sell inferior forms of hoodia pills - with insufficient amounts of hoodia gordonii and/or with fillers and binders. These forms don't provide the appetite suppressing properties of pure Hoodia.

If you're looking to buy Hoodia, always look for a Certificate of Analysis. Check the seller's website. This is the real proof that the Hoodia you're buying is 100% pure Hoodia.

Also, you want to look for the C.I.T.E.S. certificate. This is one of the most important documents, because a A genuine C.I.T.E.S. certificate is proof that you are purchasing authentic Hoodia Gordonii.

And - avoid products with binders and fillers in them. Buy Hoodia that's 100% pure.

Last, but certainly not least: Consult your physiciam before beginning a Hoodia regimen. If by any chance a medical situation is present, then Hoodia will not provide the benefits you're looking for. Don't waste your time and money. See your physician first.

Even though Hoodia Gordonii provides excellent results, eventually, you will most likely want to stop taking it. Consider changing your diet to one including fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Doing this before you stop taking the hoodia pills will help greatly to maintain the weight loss you'veachieved.

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