A New Way of Killing Cancer Cell Found by British Researchers

Cancer Cell FoundIn the latest Journal of Clinical Investigation, A New Way of Killing Cancer Cell Found by British Researchers. British researchers released their new research result that antibody can kill cancer cell directly without human immune system, which would help to develop a new treatment for cancer.

Antibody can be used in cancer treatment. The basic principle is, combining with antibody, it will be easier for human immune system to identify cancer cells and then kill them.

University of Southampton declared in its press communique on July 21, a joint research team with University of Manchester found some antibodies Healthiness could kill cancer cell directly bypassing human immune system. While those antibodies combining with cancer cells, the lysosome in cancer cell will burst and release toxic substance, which will kill cancer cell finally.

The researchers said that, the result would be helpful to develop an effective way of killing cancer cell, to treat those incurable cancers within traditional chemotherapy.

Several months ago, a research made by University College London indicated that, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells could carry a kind of protein, named tumor necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing trail, to find accurately and kill several kinds of cancer cell, including lung cancer, SCC, breast cancer and carcinoma of cervix. During this process, normal cells will not be influenced. The experiment had been carried out on laboratory mice, and the researchers expected to try out on human bodies in 2 or 3 years.

Although new progress has being made, we still have a long way to fight against cancer. It is popular in the youth that wearing silicone wristbands with messages like “live strong”, “be brave” and “Never give up” to encourage those people suffering cancer and convey the best wishes to them. Also, custom silicone wristbands are used by some charity organizations to raise money for charitable causes. To associate with people as many as possible, we could do more for cancer patients and call people all around world to fight cancer together.

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