Herbal Remedies For Your Stress

Herbal RemediesA stress victim, by contrast, fails to adapt to pressures and problems as well as he might. For example he may habitually bundle unpaid bills into a drawer and try to forget about them or lose his temper and call his wife extravagant or even fanatically write out a cherub the minute each new bill arrives.

Holistic medicine shows us that understanding the patient is more important than the disease- causing agent, and the condition must be treated after due consideration is given to individual characteristics and symptoms. While this applies to all situations it is more pertinent when it comes to managing stress with medication. Some people facing stress-related problems may recover better when treated with herbal remedies, massage or dietary modifications, while others may need to take tranquilizers and undergo psychoanalysis.

t is easy to fall prey to stress without even knowing it. Personal stress can be a result of relationship issues, family conflict, financial concerns etc. Workplace stress can be due to too great a workload for the one person and low morale due to downsizing & cost cutting or tense personal relations with co-workers or superiors. With all these outside factors playing a role it is important to indentify and then adopt a plan of action for personal stress management.

Basically the mind becomes aware of the position and the body then prepares to face the perceived danger by supplying more energy. This response is commonly called the more fight or flight response. Unfortunately, the response is a holdover from an age when the danger was an actual matter of life and death. Today the fight or flight response is triggered in store checkout lines, classrooms, offices, and traffic jams where there is not an opportunity to fight or run away, and herbal stress relief can help. Once the brain becomes aware of a situation a complex series of hormonal secretions begin.

Work Stress can be clear as any physiological or Psychological stress caused at the work place or due to the nature of the work Stress at work or on job stress has been one of the very important causes for various ailments including Heart Attack, Depression and Anxiety. Short-term stress can occur for any number of reasons: school exam, job interview, or hunger. Delayed stress is often referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. War, the death of a family member or friend, and rape are a few reasons delayed stress may occur. Prolonged or chronic anxiety or pressure can be the result of difficulties at home, work, or financial problems.

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