Prostat Cancer


Prostat cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the prostat gland. This disease usually attacks the men aged over 70 years and in all men aged over 90 years. Prostat cancer is rarely found in men aged less than 40 year. prostat cancer is a cause of death due to cancer in men, no 3 and is a major cause of death due to cancer in men over 74 years. The causes are unknown, although some studies have shown the relationship between high dietary fat and increase hormone testosteron level.


Most of prostat cancer does not cause symptoms because of spreading is very slow. In some cases, cancer prostat new terdiagnosis after spread to the bones (especially pelvis, rib and spinal column) or to the kidneys (causing kidney failure). Cause painful bone cancer and brittle bones become so easy to fraktur (broken bones).

Although the early symptoms is not clearly visible, in most cancer prostat often found some of the signs. Among others, usually urine-still will netes, pain when urinating, pain when ejakulasi, the lower back pain, pain when defecate, and a decrease in body weight.


Up to now have not found a patent medicine for this disease. However, scientists are developing a new drug called Abiraterone as a cure for cancer prostat

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